CMC Assessment Programme

1. The submission of the application documentation until the deadline (CMC Applicant)

2. The analysis of the completeness of the documentation (VTMSZ Secretariat)

3. The content analysis of the documentation (CMC Committee)

4. Pre-interview for the acceptance of the application (CMC Committee – CMC Applicant). It happens only in that case if a part of the application documentation needs oral supplement.

5. Sending the notice for the Applicant about accepting / rejecting the application (VTMSZ Secretariat)

6. The realization of the case study (CMC Applicant)

7. The evaluation of the handled case study (the invited consultants with CMC title)
The content and extent requirements of the case study can be seen at the issue titled “The documents to be handled at the application”

8. Complex certifying exam (Certifying panel – CMC Applicants)
In the framework of a half-day exam the Applicants do individual and team tasks to show their consulting skills.

9. Certifying presentation
The Applicants give a half-an-hour presentation about a freely chosen but pre-checked topic by the CMC Committee. The aim of the presentation is to introduce the narrower area of the Applicants on an individual way. The topic is not definitely about introducing a project or a case study. The presentation is opened, can be listened by all interested in; the CMC members get particular invitation.

10. Certifying interview
An appeal considering the Certifying Panels’  decision can be submitted to the

CMC Committee, while regarding the total Certifying process the appeal can be submitted to the Board of VTMSZ via the VTMSZ Secretariat.