The pre-conditions of obtaining the CMC qualification

1. Master or bachelor degree (obtained degree)

2. Minimum 5 year experience as management consultant in main position at a consulting company or with the supervision of an experienced management consultant.

The management consultancy is offering consulting activity in management issues by independent person. It generally contains realizing and analyzing problems and opportunities, working out solution proposals, and supporting the realization of them.

The main areas of management consultancy based on the definition of FEACO 2004 are:

  • Company operating areas
  • Information technolog
  • Company strategy
  • Human Resource Management

A company can be named as management consulting company, if that consulting activity of the firm gives more than 60% of the annual revenue, which is carried out for those clients, who are not in organizational contact with the founding company, holding or public institution of the firm.

The Certifying Committees rejected unanimously the inner-firm consulting practice as required consulting experience in the recent years. Considering the reasoning, the working duty of the inner consultants is similar to those of the outsider consultants, but it does not include the market knowledge, marketing and sales, measuring counting on the consumers’ satisfaction, the consumer relationship management, and the inner consultant can not be considered as independent of the client, so the consulting independency can not be demonstrated neither practically, nor ethically.

3. Statement about accepting the Ethical Codex of VTMSZ

4. Settling the certification fee.

The certification fee is HUF 160.000 for consultants of VTMSZ member organizations, and HUF 200,000 in other cases in 2022/2023, about what the VTMSZ sends the invoice after the pre-certifying interview parallel with the notice about the decision.