Executive Board

Members of the VTMSZ Executive Board and standing committees as elected by the General Meeting of the Association on 18 June 2023 are as follows:


          Szabolcs MEZEI CMC


          Brigitta VERECZKEI CMC

Members of the Board:
          Krisztina BAUKOVÁCZ CMC
          Imre HERCEGH CMC
          György DR. SÁNTHA CMC

Pursuant to Section 20 of the Fundamental rule a further member of the past president of the previous cycle:
          Péter CSÁKVÁRI CMC

Pursuant to Section 18 of the Bye-Laws a further member of the Executive Board is delegated by the CMC Committee, Ákos BÁLINT CMC.

Ethics Committee:

          János BARTHA CMC
          Gábor DR. KORNAI CMC
          Gergely DR. NÉMETH CMC

The Committee will elect its Chairperson upon its first meeting.

The elected officers can be contacted through the Association Secretariat.