Executive Board

Members of the VTMSZ Executive Board and standing committees as elected by the General Meeting of the Association on 11 May 2086 are as follows:


          CSÁKVÁRI, Péter CMC


          KÁDÁR-CSOBOTH, Péter CMC

Members of the Board:
          BAUKOVÁCZ, Krisztina CMC
          DR. SÁNTHA, György CMC
          VERECZKEI, Brigitta CMC

Pursuant to Section 20 of the Fundamental rule a further member of the past president of the previous cycle:
          MEZEI, Szabolcs CMC

Pursuant to Section 18 of the Bye-Laws a further member of the Executive Board is delegated by the
          HERCEGH, Imre CMC

Ethics Committee:

          CSANÁDI, Péter CMC
          DR. KORNAI, Gábor CMC
          DR. NÉMETH, Gergely CMC

The Committee will elect its Chairperson upon its first meeting.

The elected officers can be contacted through the Association Secretariat.